Lynn and Will Thomas - Phat Butterfly FoundersWe founded Phat Butterfly on a very basic idea...history is marked by dates.
Take a moment to think about important events in your life; birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, etc. Chances are the dates of those events conjure up special memories and often spark reminiscent conversations. So with an interest in education and history we thought, how could we help people remember African-American history and inspire thoughtful dialogue about the significance of those events? With t-shirts and hats, of course.
African-Americans have been present and influential in every era, from slavery, to Jim Crow, to the civil rights movement, to Barack Obama's presidency.  Simply put, African-American history is American history. Phat Butterfly tees and hats celebrate that history by simply highlighting the dates of significant events.  
The word "phat" has often been used in American English as slang to describe something as appealing or highly attractive. Butterflies are universally recognized for their beauty and they represent transformation.
The name “Phat Butterfly” is a creative reference to our belief that African-Americans, as a people, are beautiful. It also acknowledges the fact that we have been irrefutably involved in the transformation of America from day one. From physical to economical to social transformation, the finger print of the African-American can be seen throughout American history.
The bold red, black and yellow colors of the Phat Butterfly logo were drawn from the national flag of Angola as an homage to the 20 Angolans who were the first Africans to arrive in America as slaves aboard an English ship, the “White Lion,” in August of 1619. 
It is our hope that you will not only make a classy fashion statement every time you wear one of our products, but that you also spark insightful conversation about the many contributions African-Americans have made to this country. Join us as we strive to keep the conversation alive and never forget our past.